Free Removable Ring Tassel Pattern

I added Removable Ring Tassels on this beautiful, lightweight and lacy Summer wrap. I love them and how easy they are to make.

Crochet Leaf Stitch Pattern is by myPicot

Have you ever wished that your handmade tassels were easily removed from your handmade items like shawls, scarves, etc.? I did and thus  why I was inspired to design a Removable Ring Tassel. I have had my tassels unraveled after getting washed or worse, tangled up in the wash with my crocheted shawl, even when hand washed. I also love the idea of switching up my tassels to match the occasion. For whatever reasons that you would prefer a removable tassel, here’s the pattern on how I made my first removable tassel.

This is an easy pattern but will require a previous experience with making tassels. If you have any jewelry making experience, it will be a breeze for you, as we will be using a lobster clasp and an open jump ring. I bought my kit and materials via Links to each material used are provided within the pattern below.